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I got an hour of writing at the bakery this morning during preschool - the tea shop was not open when I arrived, but the bakery in the same stripmall was open. It's busier, which is less good for me, but I still knocked out 1400 words and got my story up to 11750, with actual plot and action happening! (I KNOW!)

I got MMC (Maiden, Mother, Crone) final-sketched last night and started to ink it this afternoon during Guppy's (reluctant) nap.

I'm crazy happy with this one right now. And am already sketching my next.

The deadline for submissions to my coloring books is next week, and there are a number of pieces I'd still like to do. Insanity. I has it. (On that note, I am THRILLED with some of the submissions I'm getting in. These are going to be some gorgeous coloring books.)

At one point this morning in the car I coughed pretty well.

"It sounds like you have lung in your mouth," Guppy told me.

So I guess I'm not entirely healthy yet...
Tags: artwork wip, guppy, writing

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