Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Mondaily with Happy Birthday, Guppy!

My little Guppy just missed being a leap year baby, by about 12 hours. I was just as happy she decided not to wait.

I remembered to take bear photos yesterday!

This weekend was very busy and almost entirely wonderful. On Saturday, we worked in the bathroom, getting the hooks for towels up.

We also unexpectedly got a phonecall letting me know that my worktables were ready for pickup - I figured it would be another 2 weeks at least, and hadn't cleared off my current tables yet! This took very little time, actually, thanks to the massive purge I'd done a few months back. I dismantled the tables - one went directly to the transfer station, and vacuumed the impressive dustbunnies from the corners, and we assembled massive, heavy new tables to work on. I meant to take before and after photos, but forgot to. So here's a halfway through photo (imagine a second, sagging folding table across the left):

And the new tables set up:

My back felt quite strained after all the lifting and constructing, so I took a pain pill. I think it was as much impending illness as it was backstrain, on retrospect, because I woke up partway through the night with fever chills, which interspersed the next day with hot spells and horrible lung pain with occasional (very painful) coughing fits. A cold pill knocked most of the symptoms down so that I had a good birthday with Guppy. (With a few naps!) I was even able to help Jake finish the shelf in the bathroom, and it all looks SO good. Like a real, classy bathroom. Stylish, even. It's a little crazy.

I'm feeling mostly recovered this morning - some lung and coughing pain, but no fever, and the coughs feel effective and less horrible spasm-y. Two nights in a row of excellent sleep helped a lot; I have energy again, and cleaned up the house, paid bills, and took a shower without feeling like I needed to lie down again. (I have parent aide again tomorrow, and I'm thinking I'll be fine for that...)

My not-a-book is still doing awesome, and someday I will stop refreshing my stats and gabbing endlessly about. I had planned to write this weekend, but that just didn't happen... (see above).

I've got a second load of laundry to go move around and fold, so I should do that. There may be art, later, and maybe some words. There will definitely be a tea party in the blanket fort.
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