Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Thursdaily - Supermom today!

The preschoolers fell upon the storebought cupcakes like ravaging wolves, and it serves me right to be a parent aide today, because they were messy and I got to clean up after them...

The other moms and dads won't thank me for the sugar rush I caused, but those kids were convinced I was Supermom. Good enough.

(Everything else went just fine.)

I arm-wrestled her into bed when we finally got home and fed, and just got caught up on a rash of little freelance client catchup stuff.

My not-a-book has been wiggling between 250 and 300 of all paid Kindle books and slipped out of its #1 spot after ten days... but it's #2 in two categories and #3 in another. Not bad, little not-a-book, not bad.

Now, I'm going to sit and work on coloring book pages, because that's my next looming deadline, and I have several I want to finish.

Including this one:

Tags: art wip, artwork, guppy, writing

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