Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


Sunlight is returning, and I'm so glad. It's noticeably brighter every morning, and more and more actual sunlight is hitting our land every day.

I'm spitting distance from the end of my 78tarot piece for the carnival deck. This was the piece earlier this afternoon. I've finished all the marker work at this point, but I will probably go in and do a few touches with gel pen and paint and pencils.

In other news, my daughter is utterly drunk with exhaustion. The last few days she has fought taking a nap or going to bed for hours each time, and then I have to wake her up long before she's ready. It's about three hours since I first tucked her into bed tonight. She just got up to go potty, then announced that her 'underpanties' were in the cat's water dish. She walked up the stairs singing 'Wiggly wiggly wiggly butt!' and careening into things. We have to leave early(ish) for swim lessons tomorrow and I'm basically dreading it.
Tags: 78tarot, alaska, art wip, guppy, photos, tarot

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