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Wednesdaily with Patreon reminder

It has been a clingy morning so far, but I have managed, with child hanging from my arm, to order more printer ink and some ornaments, clean up the house, and write 1000 words onto a guide for scanning and cleaning up artwork for coloring books - for very selfish reasons of wanting nice clean submissions and not wanting to answer the same questions/explain the same things 100 times.

I also got the February Patreon perk out, and it reminded me to remind YOU that you can support my work through this awesome site and get a random surprise every month for as little as $1. For $5, you'll actually get something in your mailbox every 6 months.


The random $1 surprise may be a piece of writing or photography not otherwise available, but it's usually a coloring page. For example, the January perk was a high-resolution file of this design to print and color:

(I won't tell you February's (*winks!*), but you can still find it out by pledging!)

Now, I've got a child to peel off and put down for her nap, and laundry to fold, orders to get out, and things to paint...


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Jenny Heidewald
Feb. 11th, 2016 03:29 am (UTC)
That is a clever mermaid!
I'll be interested in reading your article on scanning cleaning stuff up, maybe you have some shortcuts I don't know about. Right now I've resorted to magic selecting all the white between my lines and deleting that so I am sure those stupid pixels are gone. Still trying to figure out how to make the lines uniformly black without getting too pixely (pixelated? *zombie brain* ).

Feb. 11th, 2016 08:15 am (UTC)
<twitches> <attempts to rescue mermaid>
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