Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Mondaily with weekend report and a look at my deadline-filled week.

It was a good weekend, with gaming, and sledding, and just enough house improvement not to feel like a total slacker. I weeded Guppy's clothing and have three giant boxes of outgrown things to get rid of - and her drawers are all still somehow full. A tax thing I thought was going to be painful and wretched turned out to be much, MUCH simpler than feared (thank you, thank you, small print!) and my week, though full, looks fun. I have an art deadline of next weekend (ink is done, but this requires color, which is more about facing my fear than anything else). I got my fluffy novella to 4300 words and am still loving it, my previous fluff novella is due out next weekend, and I'm starting to rattle artist cages regarding submissions for the next collection of coloring books. (Some of the submissions I've got now are just amazing.) I even sketched out two new coloring pages that I quite like so far.

Oh! And we took Guppy to a hockey game on Friday, and she loved it.

*skips off to do things*
Tags: coloring books, guppy, photos

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