Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Whadda day...

I am taking a break.

This has been a very, very long day.

6:30 AM, someone called, twice. Internet relay, which is a cool service, but it was SPAM. “Hello, I am Rose Mabombysomething, wife of the late dictator of somethingvagueenoughtobetrue....”

Went back to bed.

9 AM, frantic call from work.

In to work for an hour plus.

Escape that as quickly as possible, come here and bust ass making stuff for the bazaar tomorrow. (After stopping to buy more peacock green prismas... my pencil was down to about an inch and half and I couldn’t hold it any more...)

Work calls again at about 4.

From 4:30-5, I pressed T-shirts. (Twylah on forest green looks amazing!!)

5-5:50, I was back at work fixing stuff.

6 PM, as Dateline was unplugging their Open sign, I got there to pick up the bookmarks. Lamination is a little screwy on these. I’m not so keen on Dateline’s service as I used to be. And the new girl gets my goat. Doesn’t help that I couldn’t open the door in front of her because I was pulling instead of pushing. I should be used to looking like a moron.

Now I have to get all the crap out of the car and pack it for tomorrow morning. It’s not the grueling setup that the fair is; just one table, no floor space, and they provide the table. *whew* Not so much in display space, but I’ve got things somewhat streamlined with the black display books.

The T-shirts look absolutely sweet!! Wish I’d had time to make more, of everything, particularly the new work, but I’ve got lots of Christmas cards (new method of printing on half-sized works great), a dozen or so shirts, 1 sweatshirt, lots of mousepads (though mostly leftover from the fair, so I wish I had current stuff), and lots of stickers and magnets. And bookmarks. And... gah... this is a lot of crap to carry out to the car. And I still got a lot to fold. And bag. And...

end of break...

Wish me luck.

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