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I have art! And am slowly catching up!

I have a good size pile of boxes and envelopes to take to the post office today, which makes me current on orders and restocks my Amazon fulfillment. I got about half the drawers in my new toolbox lined and have started moving my art supplies into it. I ordered the matting for the originals I'm sending to the shows in Seattle, and should be able to pick them (and the plexiglass) up today. (Note to self: also need cat food) Novella is out of my hands for copyedits. Local retailers are all checked in with and restocked as needed.

Health-wise, my ears still occasionally hurt, but not badly anymore, and most of my hearing is back.

New at Portrait Adoption:

(click to adopt!)

New at Torn World:

Dancer's Skirt is an edible mushroom in the north.

And there's a last of the season special at EMG - every order through my webpage (not Amazon or Etsy, sorry!) will receive a free surprise gift! Maybe an out of print coloring book, or a card, or a pack of pencils, or a lump of coal! The 24th is the last day for orders (orders placed that day may be mailed after Christmas) and then I am taking a good LONG sanity break and won't be back at things that resemble work until Feb 1.


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Dec. 3rd, 2015 09:09 am (UTC)
Glad you're on the mend and feeling up to doing things!

You won't entirely escape mailing things in January, though, unless you're sending out the January coloring book subscriptions early. :)
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