Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Happy Day After Thanksgiving!

I hope your day was full of love and good food, no matter what you were (or weren't) celebrating.

We had a very mellow thanksgiving - just the three of us, with lots of football, and a very simple dinner of ham, green bean casserole, and brownie sundaes. Yum!

New artwork at Torn World, the grey bat. (He was originally going to be a ghost bat, but he just didn't end up fuzzy enough.)

Working on restocking Amazon fulfilled, and answering old emails (inbox: 326, down from over 500 earlier this week!). I also have two wholesale orders to pack up, but that's all down in the cold basement, and Guppy is about to be roused from her nap, and I want to haul her outside in the last of our daylight.
Tags: artwork

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