Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

I stole this. Without even answering it for the people I stole it from. Bad Ellen.

I want Ellen to draw/write _____________.
Ellen should get a clue and stop drawing/writing _________.
_______ would make Ellen's artwork/stories/articles better.
If Ellen draws/writes _________ one more time, I'll kick her ass because it's so annoying.
Ellen should redraw/rewrite __________ and change _________.
Ellen should ____________ in her next picture/story.
Ellen should put this/these object(s) in her next drawing/story/article: ___________


I went and told Dateline what was what. They groveled, gave me $15 in credit, trimmed the oversized cards, apologized some more, cut some blank cardstock (perfectly!) for free and apologized again.

So, while all is not perfect, I'm no longer on the warpath. The Ellen has been appeased.

I finished a colored pencil tutorial, just need to add pictures. Add that to the stitching files together tutorial, and I feel good. Ah crap... November horoscopes. I've got them started. Somewhere.
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