Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


I am finally feeling human again!

Mostly, anyway.

I still have limited hearing in my left ear where I perforated my eardrum, but the phlegm in my head and chest turned into rubber cement yesterday, and is essentially gone this morning. The ear pain and the chest pain when breathing deeply is gone; I got the best sleep last night that I've enjoyed in probably three weeks. I did manage to hurt my back badly Monday because I overestimated my energy and strength and thought I could do outdoor chores at full speed again. Ah, no. That proved to require an emergency walk-in with my chiropractor on Tuesday, but it is much improved today, and I am able to do gentle indoor chores again. We will go outside to play in the heaps of new snow that we have today, but I will not attempt to shovel or chop wood. I promise.

I keep repeating to myself that I am not a failure for missing so much work time. I had things I really wanted to have in place before Black Friday/Small Business Saturday/Cyber Monday, that just aren't going to happen now because it is already the day before Thanksgiving somehow, and I just wasn't up for making them happen any earlier. Beating myself over missed opportunities is unproductive.

I did (belatedly!) get the Patreon perk up, and listed the new coloring books at Amazon.

Portrait Adoption has been updated this week, too: http://portraitadoption.com/

Here's some artwork from #inktober that I hadn't posted here yet...

Off to catch up now!
Tags: artwork, health

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