Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Thursdaily with new artwork

Artwork reveal #4!

(original for sale: $300)

You can purchase all five as coloring pages with an issue of Color On, available here for $3.99: http://coloronmag.com/downloads/november-2015-issue/

I've polished up the rough draft of my story and am ready to shoot it off for alpha-level review, and am working on all those other little bits: blurbs and excerpts and covers and such.

Preschool today, and it started roughly. I'm hoping its gone more smoothly since I left. They didn't call me, so it couldn't have been that bad. Right? Almost out of tea (hot chocolate) shop time.

I painted more ornaments last night, because I have a painting problem, apparently. (This takes me to 61 ornaments + one that broke [the butterfly, alas!]) You can see them on my Instagram, except for the last, a barn owl I painted because my last barn owl got a drip on his face from the acrylic over-spray: https://instagram.com/ellenmillion/

Coloring books will be ready tonight or tomorrow morning, which is cutting it REALLY close, but ought to be okay.

Time to pack up the laptop and move on!
Tags: artwork, coloring books, guppy, shows

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