Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Wednesdaily with more new artwork and electroshock therapy

Next in our Big Reveals this week is a piece I originally sketched for Sketch Fest:

So many of the things I love to draw! Flowing fabric! Antlers! Twisty trees! (sold)

Layla came over and we sprayed the rest of the ornaments and finalized our game plan for the weekend and figured out our display. I put pricetags on all my ornaments (pricing artwork is HARD), and realized that I hadn't done about 40 ornaments. I've done FIFTY-SEVEN ornaments. This does not include the ones I let Guppy paint, those are all mine. And I sort of want to do more. Is there a 12-step program for ornament painting? I want to do a loon ornament, now.

I slipped on ice this weekend, but it didn't really start to hurt until yesterday, when it really started to hurt. I made an appointment for a chiropractic adjustment today, because shooting pain when I put my weight on my leg wrong was really not fun. I definitely pulled my hip (he could guess the tender spot, just from my description of the fall and my pain), and he got the vertebrae rolled back in place and gave me 20 minutes of electroshock therapy, which is not at all what they call it, of course, but anyone who's had it knows exactly what I mean. (I think they actually call it e-stim, ems, or electric muscle stimulation.) I feel MUCH better. I have a follow-up on Monday, which may or may not be necessary, but includes a massage, so I'll probably keep it... >.>
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