Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Terror in small packages

Yesterday, while I was posting my 'we made it!' Kickstarter update, Guppy did the following:

*Emptied my change purse - I'm still not sure where all the quarters went and suspect I'm missing some one dollar bills.
*Dismantled the coloring book proofs and spread them across my entire work area.
*Took apart the cat's carry case.
*Crinkled a piece of original artwork.
*Emptied the bag of toys that was supposed to keep her occupied and scattered them about the basement.
*Tried to open the printer.
*Tried to steal the bills off my desk.
*Unpeeled a label from the label paper.
*Carried on a running commentary of her adventures and questions ("Can I touch this?" [answer irrelevant], etc.)

It's a miracle anything gets done around here.
Tags: guppy, humor

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