Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Mondaily with weekend recap...

It was a very nice weekend! We got a few little home improvements worked on - a basket hung for the fruit and non-fridge veggies, a halloween banner up, and there were many, many books read, and towers built. We also figured out Guppy's halloween costume. I suggested many things, and she insisted on Cinderalla. We have parts of a box costume that are a little too small, so we used the top (over a shirt), and used a long skirt my mom made that was the perfect color, and stuck one of her dozen tutus under it, to make it good and puffy. She hasn't taken it off except under duress since.

We compromised on Halloween garb to go into town today to do our running around:

She's so obviously lacking in happiness. Heh. (And energy!)

I have a new portrait available at Portrait Adoption (click to adopt):

My focus now is to FINISH my novella. I have just a cute little epilogue to do, and then to go back and fill in one or two missing scenes and placeholder bits. So excited to have it (nearly) finished!
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