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And then there were two days in a row without any inking for #inktober, which is why being up by 12 on day 4 is not in the slightest bit unreasonable...

I have, however, had a chance to do some scanning and processing, so I've got one up at Etsy, with an introductory price of $1:

(click to buy a download! Original is claimed.)

I've also got a new one up for adoption at PA:

(Click to adopt or purchase the original!)

I did my first stint as parent aide for the preschool yesterday, and it was crazy, mad chaos. I managed to pick photo day for my first try, which is a nutty day under the best of circumstances. Add to that the fact that the last scheduled day of preschool got cancelled, so it had been a full week since the little squirts had been required to stand in line, etc, and one poor little girl who had a very sad, tearful day... it was not an easy time. It was surprisingly fun, however. My guppy is not good at getting or standing in line, or sitting still for circle time, and she was appalling about deliberately looking away every single time the photographer announced she was taking the picture (one of the other parents noticed and we had one of those 'darn kids' laughs together), but she loves the craft activities, and she's starting to warm up to playing with other children. I came home with a painted paper plate apple tree, and a stained glass window hanging.

Our walks have been short and careful, because the trail is slushy and slippery.

Also, a reminder: Sketch Fest is on Friday!!
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