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I'm up to 12 for #Inktober! Three are for Portrait Adoption (2 posted already!), 5 are for Torn World (mostly sketched during Sketch Fests), 3 have been prompted at my Facebook artists page ( https://www.facebook.com/EllenMillionArtistrix/photos/a.583430851760984.1073741838.407054896065248/745775952193139 ), and one is an overdue character portrait I promised to a friend.

It's lovely both crossing things off my list and getting ahead on Inktober at the same time. At the end, maybe I'll put them together in a little chapbook or something.

(Sale pending)

Our walk yesterday was very slick and slushy, and Guppy's boots over-topped with snow several times. Next time, snowpants, she agreed.

Today was a lunch out with Guppy and an out of state friend (and her coworkers). Guppy was well-behaved for the most part, though I went with a sinking feeling because we had a major screaming fit shortly before we left the house. Fortunately, that passed smoothly, and there was a lot of giggling and basically being good, if slightly wiggly. I got her on a bench seat pinned in by a very tolerant lady and me, and she played quietly with her coat and the menu and nibbled at her food (once it finally came). There was room for her to lay flat on the bench while we were waiting for food and she could squirm without bothering anyone, and never got too loud. I will count it a success.

I also picked up my newly modified display rack, and Cripple Creek Custom did an amazing job on it. It looks SO nice, and is so sturdy. I hate watching people shove things back in too roughly and make the whole display rock; I don't think that will ever happen again.

Art and Agents of Shield now.
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