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Yesterday, we made it safely to preschool - only about 4 inches had fallen when we woke up on Tuesday. Guppy got out of line to announce loudly to me that "I'm having a great time at preschool, Mom!" Others moms got a kick out of that.

The snow was up to 6 inches by the time we came home at noon, and snowed steadily all day. This morning, when it finally tapered off, we had nearly 15 inches. The power was out twice yesterday, once for about 10 minutes, and once for about 30 minutes. It flickered a little today, but we are definitely lucky; people all over town are without power and the utility company is not optimistic about getting them all fixed today. We did get ourselves set up in case it went out, though - the water jugs are full, the log holder is full of logs, I made up a bunch of hard-cooked eggs and other ready-to-eats, and there's even a fire laid out in the woodstove ready to light. Jake did a herculean job on the driveway; he managed to break 9 shear pins (heavy, wet snow, and the gravel underneath is loose, not frozen down yet) but still cleared all 600 feet of it, plus the turnaround and the leg from the garage to the house.

Tomorrow begins Inktober, and I am SO excited. I have several PA portraits planned out, and a bunch of Torn World bits, and 5/10 prompted pieces, and I have the last 2 (not-so) secret pieces to finish. Is it October yet??

I've been doggedly working on my inbox - I realized yesterday that it was up to a ridiculous 591, and fought it back down to about 350. Many just need to be filed properly, but there are a few moldy queries in there that needed to be replied to also.

Pumpkin everything season! If you have a favorite recipe that uses pumpkin puree, let me know! I have a TON to use up!


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Oct. 1st, 2015 04:09 am (UTC)
Thump that inbox!

I have a recipe I'm fond of for pumpkin bread (also works well for carrot or squash), but those are easy to find. I've a number of friends who adore pumpkin pancakes -- pancakes are sufficiently flexible that I expect just adding pumpkin+spices to your favorite pancake (or waffle) recipe would work fine. Also it's apparently a good thing to feed to dogs who need more fiber in their diets.

It's October! At least here it is! Gack, how is it October already?
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