Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Thursdaily with food

This has been the week of cooking All The Things.

Monday, I made bread, two kinds of pesto, pizza (combining parts of those first two...), boiled up our last farm beets, and baked granola. I only didn't make muffins because I knew the husband was bringing home Cinnabon from the Anchorage airport the following evening. Guppy was very 'helpful.' Wednesday, I made rosemary pineapple lamb chops and green tomato salsa. We'd gotten a bag of green tomatoes from the preschool, and I had no idea what to do with them. It was SO SO SO good. It was fresh, no cooking, so mostly just chopping up a lot of tiny ingredients and mixing them together, but just amazingly delicious. I made two little jars that are basically gone already, and two quart bags for the freezer. I picked up our last CSA farm share yesterday and helped myself to more of the 'please take' green tomatoes there, too, so I WILL be making more.

Here's Guppy lining up the tomato parts on a butter knife.

Today, I went shopping for spray paint and then sat at the tea shop and wrote nearly 1500 words on my novella. Big climactic section - the writing is fast and I know (almost) exactly what's happening from here. I'm over 18k on it now, and I'm not sure it will stretch to 25k. I'm guessing 22k, right now.

I'm getting my display bits and bobs all fixed up in anticipation of shows coming up - in part because we are rapidly running out of time I can spray paint things outside (Every year, I swear I'm going to spray paint my display and NEVER DO. This year? DONE.). We may get 5 inches of snow tonight. CRAZINESS.

Off to create. And watch some Agents of Shield because my brain is melting down my face.
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