Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Thursdaily with another piece of artwork finished, more preschool, and hopefully not getting sick...

We are 'enjoying' one of the perks of pre-school... Guppy and I are both snuffly today, and she told her teacher she was tired several times today. I got my flu shot yesterday, but they didn't have the under 5 option, so she couldn't get hers. (And I'm not sure they'll give it to her if she has a cold...)

Otherwise, preschool continues to go well. Here is how she looked when I picked her up:

I finished this piece today, while she was off painting and playing...

(this is not the finished version, this is about halfway through today's work.)

Project check:

WoA: 4/6 inked Due: Oct 15ish
AotM: 2 inked, 2 near-final sketched, rough sketch for 5/5 Due: Oct 1
Kickstarter: Half ready?
DB: 17k words. Probably another 5k to finish?
Tags: alaska, guppy, photos

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