Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Thursdaily with autumn in earnest

It is autumn, undeniably.

This photo is for browngirl:

Here, I have asked her to smile for the photo. She gave a brief, excited smile with arms in the air (blocking her face and the hairclip) and then told me proudly, "That was a GREAT smile!"

Frolicking in the woods has unfortunately not been a reliable way to get the monster down for a good nap lately, so I haven't had good naptimes to work and blog in. Stuff gets done in bits and pieces as I can.

A few emails sent, some hurried admin work, I've got to go try to see about installing a microwave tonight, and I've only written 451 words this whole week.

I did make chocolate chip cookies, though, so life is just peachy.
Tags: guppy, photos
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