Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


That was a hair-rising drive home.

It's too damn warm! Snowing again, and slippery. Had to pass stopped cars at the top of a hill on a blind curve with a vehicle coming, because I knew that if /I/ stopped, a) I would be rear-ended. b) I would never get started again and then there would be three stopped cars blocking more than half the road. There was a clear shoulder. I had to trust that on-coming vehicle was paying attention. Which he was, and my car was sticky enough to get up and around the conflagaration before he was a danger anyway.

I'm glad I nixed my usual Monday night plans with Becca and decided to come home while it was still light, at least.

Now it's all blizzardy and fluffy out. :)

Of course, that means no WIP scans for you. I will give you

Now, I have the WHOLE night off with very little EMG possible to do, and you'd better believe I am dying to finish these two. Yay!
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