Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Wednesdaily with list and silly photo

My day is flying away, and I'm not even out of my bathrobe yet! Time for a list:

*Email list update/Start email giveaway (Weeklong?)
*Sketch Fest prizes
*Truck registration (tomorrow?)
*500 words (I haven't written since last week...)
*Update Etsy with Christmas pack
*Amazon boxes (3)
*Sketch Fest payments (Paypal is being a booger...)
*Tax stuff
*Ink! Ink like the wind!
*Order labels
*Lay out EMG ad for CO
*Update Torn World (Nothing to post, but reviewed everything to be reviewed!)
*Catbox/vacuum/dishes/keep child alive
*Walk child and dog
*Remember to eat.

Have a photo. It looks like she's blowing a kiss, but really she's telling me to stop taking a photo of her. Yes, that is a Frozen tutu dress.

Tags: guppy, lists, photos
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