Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Tuesdaily - new phone, new coloring book, truck woes...

Yesterday, I stayed at home (except for a brief visit to the dentist to adjust my nightguard), did laundry, cleaned things, cleaned more things, and filled orders. Today, we donned our raingear and braved the rain to do all the things you can't do from home - the post office, the grocery store, the printer... where I picked up nine boxes of coloring books, including several of this new title:

It is now available! http://ellenmilliongraphics.com/coloringbooks.php

Our trip was made particularly unpleasant by the fact that the heater in the truck is broken. So, on a chilly day like today, it is not only cold, but I have to drive with the fans on full cold and the windows cracked, or the cab fogs up and I can't see to drive. BRR! Luckily, the truck will go in to be (hopefully!) fixed tomorrow. The technician I talked to thought it sounded like a heater core, which is not a cheap fix because they have to remove the dashboard.

I'm prepping three large flat rate boxes to go off to Amazon for fulfillment, which continues to work out very nicely for some titles. The service is a bit spendy, but it ends up being comparable to wholesale at the end of the day, and I'm able to send enough at once that my shipping cost goes down to something manageable.

I also finally set up my new iPhone today. I'd been putting it off, because it means digging up a gazillion passwords (I like doing a clean refresh). I got the gold iPhone (5s), and I call it Universe 1 Bender. "Kiss my glorious golden ass!"

I also bought a minimalist case for it.

Last week was Finish Fest, and I finished three pieces, but one is in non-disclosure, so I can't share it yet! I worked on a fourth, as well, but didn't get it finished. I still need to tally up the entries and award a few prizes. :)

Project count:
AotM: 1 inked, 1 half-inked, 2 near final sketches (out of 5 needed)
WoA: 3 inked/6
Tags: coloring books

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