Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Snow, happy snow!

I got a flu shot this morning, and now I feel like I've been punched in the arm by a wrestler. I'm sort of iffy on flu shots and such, but I've been hanging out with the nephews a lot (runny-nosed age that they are...), and I'm constantly outside with wet hair due to the no-shower-at-home scene, so if I'm ever going to try it, this would be the year. We'll see if it does any good.

We watched Dr Zhvaigo (which I'm sure I've mis-spelled) on Saturday. I loved it, but was very puzzled by the jumps in time and the introduction of characters I didn't know. At the end, I had as many questions as answers. Then, looking at the DVD case, I realized we'd only watched the second half! Heh... Two-sided DVDs, yes...

The first half answered all my questions and was just as beautiful. And what a score...

We bought rugs on Saturday, and I swept out the upstairs. I hate sweeping. It irritates my allergies, makes my eyes sting and causes great sneezing episodes. But boy is the floor nicer now. The rugs were for the side of the bed, so that we weren't stepping out onto splintery plywood, and in the hope that it would shake off some of the sawdust from our socks rather than track them into bed. (Big problem in our half-constructed house...) I rearranged the few rugs we did have to be at the top and bottom of the stairs, in the hope that less of the stuff would come upstairs, as well. Then I did dishes. Blech. Washing dishes without running water is a HUGE, time-consuming, frustrating hassle. I hate it. Nuke the water, scrub, rinse, nuke more water, scrub, rinse, nuke more water, check the level in the waste bucket, scrub, rinse, nuke more water...

Gotta say that the house is vastly improved in comfort level for the few hours of effort, though.

We've nearly finished getting the shed up; the roof is on, but only half-attached. At least now, it will keep the snow out.

Yes, SNOW!!!

Finally, finally, it's snowed and stuck. We have about 2 inches, and our land is gorgeous and white and still and I really, really didn't want to leave this morning.

In other news, I really, really want a black leather catsuit. I can't possibly afford one right now; I'd much rather sink any extra funds I squirrel away into a tablet, and we're paying off big chunks of the truck as fast as we can, so the fun fund is little.

I arted yesterday. Most of the day, even, except for the time we spent putting the shed up. I'm terribly, terribly pleased with what I accomplished. I put down a watercolor wash over 'Bad Snowy,' and had soooo much fun painting snow-covered trees. Then I gritted my teeth, pulled 'Freedom' out of my sketchbook and started coloring with prismas. And oh, am I happy with it so far. Really, really happy. I took a comment in my Elfwood gallery of several months back quite to heart. She (?) said my colors seemed too muted, which is something that Jake has mentioned, too. So, I tackled this one with the aim of making it brilliant colored. That, at least, I have succeeded at. The top mermaid is all in reds and oranges, with honey-brown hair, and the bottom mermaid is a reddish-purple with pale blonde hair. The two fish in the foreground match the two mermaids in coloring. The background (what's finished of it so far) is a very, very dark, very rich blue and green mottled color, and the nets are white. I'm wishing I'd either done this originally on bristol or at least printed it onto bristol and colored the print; I'm not sure how much more this paper will take of my pencil-abuse.

Still v. happy with them. I'll scan WIP shots tonight.

Also tonight: Fill orders, design Epilogue ad and make pie. (I should say 'bake pie,' since all I really do is take it out of a box and put it in the oven.)

And my civic service announcement for you artists who are not on the email announcement list:

Submissions close Nov 1!!

Get 'em in, folks. Yes, that means you. I won't be taking more work until February.

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