Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Fridaily already

My trip to the post office resulted in 11 giant boxes of shipping supplies and bafflement over my lost package to Sweden. Their best guess is that the barcode was faulty and it was shipping it back to Fairbanks, where it would be looked at by hand and sent on to Sweden, but as soon as it got scanned in Anchorage, it was returned to Fairbanks. Rinse and repeat. Their hope is that they've blocked out the barcode and are processing it manually on its way, so it won't show up in tracking until it's safely in the client's hands. We're hoping. They were very confused about it, too.

11 giant boxes meant two trips to town today, because there was no room in the truck for groceries. It was also a trip to two grocery stores, because the first didn't have what I needed.

I finished the Winter Dryad last night, and I'm still a little in love with it. For my third Finish Fest piece, I picked a ridiculously complex portrait (curls!) and am struggling with her eyes.

Laptop is nearly out of juice, signing off to work more on artwork...

Tags: guppy, photos

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