Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Thursdaily with funny Guppy story

I've been trying to get her to wear more than three of her favorite dresses.

I often ask her if she dreamed when I go collect her from her naps or in the morning. One afternoon, she told me, "Just one dream. It was TIE DYE!"

Which sounds like a perfectly lovely dream to have.


Newest coloring book approved for print.

Today's excitement is trying to track down an order to Sweden, which went to Anchorage, then to San Francisco. Then Anchorage. Then Fairbanks. Then Anchorage. Then Fairbanks. Then Anchorage. Then Fairbanks, a week ago. Nothing since. I double-checked both addresses, and it ought to be just fine. *baffled*

Okay, art now. Making a game try for this Finish Fest thing!
Tags: guppy, humor, photos, sketch fest

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