Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
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I got three sketches done for Sketch Fest this weekend - one is already finished! The other I will be finishing as part of Finish Fest - a week-long event to encourage people to dig up their Sketch Fest work and take the time to complete it. (There are prizes! You should play along!)

This weekend was busy - we put up another wall of sheetrock, and the little bit above the door. I need to set up my new phone, but keep putting it off. I also did inventory and realized I was nearly out of two of my best-selling titles, so those have been reordered, in good quantity! And, another NEW coloring book was put together and sent off for proofs.

I came upstairs to find Jake and Guppy putting this together. "We tried to make Escher stairs," Jake explained. "But we ran out of dimensions."

We did running around today, including re-stocking the coloring books at the bookstore downtown.

Child is hollering 'Good MORNING,' even though I JUST put her down for her nap. "I SAID GOOD MORNING!"
Tags: guppy, photos, sketch fest

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