Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Fridaily - Sketch Fest!

I wrote just shy of 500 words this morning before I got orders out and did some admin and ordered more packing supplies (30% off plus FREE SHIPPING = opportunity I can't pass up. I will FIND space for the 1300 envelopes I just ordered.) and worked on the next coloring book(s) a bit.

Today is Sketch Fest, which appears to have launched smoothly while I was ferrying childcare home and going to the post office and bank and park and getting water in the truck.


You should come leave us some prompts to draw from!

I am off to sketch.

Project tally:
AotM: 2/5 ready to ink, 1/5 rough sketched (due October 1)
WoA: 2/6 finished. (due October 15)
DB: 13464 words (suspect it will tie up at about 20k)
Tags: sketch fest

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