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Wednesdaily with fair

I went to the fair today with Guppy and laylalawlor - we ate delicious food and visited the petting zoo, I replaced my broken sponge holder, and we ate more delicious food and went on a quest to find a balloon, and ate more delicious food, and dodged some rain, walked through the old stompin' grounds and Guppy started getting cranktastic, so we came home for a nap. Not quite in that order, except that food was liberally scattered throughout, and the nap was last. (I'm sort of boggled that she made it home without falling asleep.)

It was a ghost-town, compared to some years. Some familiar vendors were gone, and I can tell that traffic has been way low because there was still grass in all the traveled ways. (Usually, by the first weekend, it's been trampled down to dirt, and by Wednesday, it's either dust or mud.) With Snow White in tow, it was hard to do any serious shopping, but it was still fun to see stuff and I was so, SO glad I wasn't trying to make money at it this year. It was SO much work.

GuppySnowWhite got many, many smiles and comments.

Picked up our farm share this morning, and put 3 more bags of kale in the freezer. I was going to make some kohlrabi fridge pickles, but ran out of time making granola and finding out that our maple syrup was moldy, which necessitated skimming it, boiling it, and filtering it. The granola got a little darker than usual, but the pace at which Guppy was stuffing it in her mouth tells me it wasn't ruined.

I got 9 coloring books mailed this morning, and am working on the next coloring book now, and some secret(ish) projects. I also need to do the color covers for both Dotminatrix and Fantastrix, which are starting to get alarmingly low in stock.

AW: 2/6 finished.
AOTM: 2/5 sketched and ready to ink, 1 rough-sketched.

Things now!
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