Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Tuesdaily with plans gone awry...

This morning, instead of writing while I had childcare, I made phone calls... and ordered a new phone. I dropped mine while vacuuming, and shattered the screen. ARGH. A hundred times ARGH. Then I talked to government agencies on the phone (the lengthy verdict being that I needed to call and order MORE forms to fill out), and tried to reserve a car rental (they were closed) and dealt with paperwork. Did I mention ARGH?

Now I am sitting down to work on orders, but wanted to blog now while I could.

Here is a photo from yesterday - Snow White and I from our walk. A facepalm seemed appropriate to my morning.

Oh, and one catch-up note from Friday. On my way to pick up childcare Friday morning, a dark fox ran across the road in front of us. I thought it was just a dark cross fox, which I've seen in the area, but it paused on the side of the road as we passed and I got a really good look. It was actually a BLACK fox, utterly pitch black except for the white tail tip, and simply gorgeous. I've never seen one before!

Orders, and I think I will crank up some tunes.
Tags: alaska, guppy, photos, wildlife

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