Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Mondaily with many things...

You have until today at noon when I get back from errands to enter the giveaway for a free coloring book! We're SO CLOSE to getting 500 likes on the EMG page, at which point, I'll draw a second winner, too! http://www.facebook.com/150242701678979/photos/pb.150242701678979.-2207520000.1438625520./884419354927973/

Friday, between 5-8, I will be at Alaskana Raven in the Coop mall selling my coloring books and some small pieces of artwork as part of First Friday. Come for snacks! See me as a bonus!

Got some writing done finally. The piano is off to its new home. I have a small pile of orders ready to get out. I am ridiculously pleased with the artwork I'm working on right now.

We've been feeling enough better to go for walks, and the weather and season have provided a plethora of mushrooms to find.

Glee at finding some new mushrooms.

Little girl in big woods.

Off to do some paperwork and errands...
Tags: facebook, guppy, photos

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