Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Fridaily, catching up after being ill.

I am recovered, mostly. I still have a bit of an upper chest tickle, and Guppy sounds like she's got a cotton balls in both nostrils when she talks, but we're both nearly up to full energy.

Launched a giveaway at the EMG Facebook page - comment there to win a coloring book of your choice! https://www.facebook.com/pages/Ellen-Million-Graphics/150242701678979

Plugging away at various pieces of artwork that aren't going as quickly as I'd like. I can't show you any of them yet! I'm disappointed to realize that today is the last day of the month already. Where did July GO? I haven't written a word in over a week now, largely because I cancelled my childcare so I didn't infect them... I am pleased that I have kept up on every order that's come in. It's particularly lovely getting orders I don't have to do a thing to fulfill. I wasn't sure how much I'd like Fulfilled by Amazon, but it's working well for me so far.

Went shopping today and am prepared for a weekend of fresh veggies and chili. Noms.

I have a new vacuum cleaner! I finally got fed up with my cheap Dirt Devil, which served me faithfully, but left me utterly deafened, for many years. I did some research and decided on a Shark, Rotator Pro. I went to Lowe's, but they were out, then swung by Fred Meyer's on a whim... where they had coupons for 20% off, bringing the price down to $40 less than Lowe's sale price. Woot! It is considerably quieter (and FAR shinier) than the old vacuum.

Okay, a little snack and it's back to sketching for me. Much to do, and I'm excited by what I'm working on.

I leave you a photo from earlier in the week:

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