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Mondaily with sick...

I survived the weekend, and feverishly did laundry and cleaned and cooked in anticipation of catching Jake's cold. Which I did, right on schedule. So far, it's just a little exhaustion and a sore throat, but I'm braced for worse. We're well stocked on chicken soups and crackers, plus zucchini-blueberry muffins, and granola. I canceled childcare this morning, because I don't offer hazard pay.

It's cold and foggy and drizzly today anyway, so Guppy (who says her neck hurts) and I are making a movie day of it. So far, Cinderella and we're starting Hercules. I tried to get Aladdin, but it's not available for instant viewing, darn it.

Guppy is being suspiciously mellow about sitting in Papa's chair with a handful of toys while she zones out at the TV. It's not often she'll sit still through a whole movie, let alone all of one into another.

Have some photos from last week, because neither of us is looking particularly cute today...

We went up for ice cream and frisbee at the university with laylalawlor last week. With luck, we'll be back up to steam for ice cream this week, too.

She got a new set of paints this week, too, and sat right down to seriously make a painting.

Is that not the most wonderfully ridiculous new hat?

Off to slog foggily through Sketch Fest things...


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(Deleted comment)
Jul. 29th, 2015 03:48 am (UTC)
Artist Guppy is serious business!

Wishing you all speedy recoveries.
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