Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Thursdaily with many coloring books... and Fridaily because I never finished Thursdaily...

I have 3 huge boxes of coloring books packed up to send to Amazon, and another few dozen set aside for a wholesale order that is mired in paperwork.

A nice lady in the flower department of Freddy's got a big smile out of Guppy skipping through the store observing that "She's sweeping! She's sweeping up the flowers!" and gave her a carnation of her very own. It was carried around for a while, put in my purse while we ate ice cream at the "Unisitat" (University) and then carefully shredded into one of the trash cans at the post office.

Later she got a "Fixbe" (frisbee) at the University, and we had fun playing with that on our way home.

Then, all of her charm was used up, and she was an utter TERROR the rest of her day. The less said, the better.

Today has been better. Financial stuff done, and some writing. I've got my story plotted to the end, and I think it's about half-written now. I'm getting art-itchy, and will need to spend some time doing arty things post-haste.

And oh my gosh! I had scheduled a Muse Fusion for today! Best go get that started!!

You can leave me prompts here: http://torn-world.livejournal.com/236586.html
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