Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

The mystery of the mysterious missing strawberry

I was talking with our CSA gardener about our vole problem when she came over, and pointed out my chewed open trap.

"Where's the strawberry?" Guppy asked me, all innocence.

A strawberry had been ripening in my garden over the last few days. I was very excited for it, and went to point it out to her... and it was gone.

"ARGH!" I said, or something similarly coherent. "Those darn voles! They did it again!"

We commiserated a bit, and Guppy tugged on my pants. "I pickt the strawberry."

"ARGH! You picked my strawberry? What did you do with it?"

"I dunnano."

A few moments later, she pulled me towards a bucket of water at the end of the garden. A squishy, half-eaten strawberry floated in with the moths and spiders.

"You drowned my strawberry?!"

Mystery solved.
Tags: guppy, humor

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