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Mondaily with Guppy story, weekend art retreat, upcoming first friday!

Guppy was negotiating her way through mealtime the other night. (Two more bites and I get a cherry! Five more bites! Three bites! Big bites!)

"She could be a lawyer when she grows up," I told Jake and my Mom.

"I'm going to be Rapunzel!"

Okay, then!


I went on a two-day painting retreat at the Hot Springs this weekend, as part of a class through the Summer Fine Arts Festival.

I LOVED it. I took the van, all by myself, and camped out by a babbling creek and had a perfectly lovely time. Watercolor painting - real watercolor painting, not my previously attempted color-in-the-lines work - is so utterly, completely backwards from the way I'm used to thinking and composing. I am not terribly happy with anything I did (and nothing got finished), but I think I learned a LOT, and I had a great time and met wonderful people and made new friends and got 3 lovely soaks in the hot pool in. I liked it enough to pick up a few more supplies, and will be attempting to finish the pieces I started.

I came back Saturday evening in time to go out to dinner with Mom and Becca and Jake, and took Mom to the airport early Sunday morning. I will miss her!


I have started laundry and cleaned up the house, and started straightening my office. (Chaos! It has been utter CHAOS!) 612 words writting on DB this morning, and about ready to work on the Sea Monster sponsorships. I'm still waiting for a few more print selections!

I got the reprints of Fishpond Fantasies on Thursday before I left, and I already miss having Mom around so I can just up and leave, all by myself, to get running around done when it's most convenient to me, not hinged on when someone else is sleeping or eating.

I also (finally!) got my new display rack. It's gorgeous, if somewhat bigger than I thought it would be. I will have it for my First Friday signing, which is COMING UP! August 7th, from 5-8, I will be at Alaskan Raven in the Coop plaza with my coloring books (and maybe some art!). Come see me! (I realize that it's opening day of the fair, so my expectations of attendance are not high...)

Off to do things now while my childcare lasts!
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