Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


The daughter is dressing herself up in my packing supplies. (Under close supervision...)

The smoke is awful this morning. Lungs are starting to hurt, just a little. I don't think it's as bad as 2004 was, though. The sun is this crazy orange disc. "Look!" Guppy told me the other morning. "It's the MOON!"

We've been doing most of our playing indoors, and I'm glad that the swimming pool air is at least a little conditioned. Still, a day isn't a day without going outside a little bit!

Stuff I'd like to do today:

*two orders
*Post office
*Financial stuff
*Print, laminate, cut out bookmarks
*Put up preorders for both new coloring books
*Send out note to EMG email list reminding about Sketch Fest tomorrow
*Layout sea monster greeting card

But, I don't have childcare today, so I'm expecting to get this done:


I'm being scaled right now by someone small and very wiggly, so I'm going to accept that my blogging time is gone and go play house.

(New couch means AWESOME new box. I have cut a door and windows and even made a cool peaked roof. Photos, eventually...)
Tags: alaska, guppy, lists, photos, weather

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