Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Wednesdaily brief with a not-brief to-do list.

Still smoky, but not as horrible as it could be. The air purifiers keep the indoors relatively nice.

I got From the Deep edits made and uploaded for the printer, finalized the PDF, and emailed them to all those supporters. A giant thank you to everyone who helped make this happen! I also scoured the Tarot of the Water proof and approved it to print, so those will be done and off my desk very soon. The PDF was made and sent to Kayti!

No slacking allowed today - I've got childcare for 3 hours, and need to make GOOD use of it.

To do:

*Four packages, one of which involves a lot of labeling.
*Send PA payment
*Renew car registration
*Find home for piano and chair
*load of water

*move and scoop catbox
*sweep upstairs

*cut watermelon
*1000 words on DB 1189
*Update PA
*Update TW?
*Call vet re:food - not in yet... luckily not out yet!
*laundry - ready to fold!
*update insurance autopay
*Order new laptop battery
*Pick up second proof of From the Deep! Print run approved!
*Marinate meat for dinner

I may need a new laptop battery. It's ridiculous that I'm getting about 30 minutes of battery life. It's always been a little disappointing, but that's just absurd.
Tags: alaska, lists, todo, weather

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