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I seem to have forgotten to blog yesterday. In general, I may be slipping from daily posts, because our living room has been rearranged, and one of the sacrifices was my computer station. It may return when we rehome the piano, which is a thing that is definitely happening now, but may take a little while to coordinate. I have also made peace with getting rid of my beautiful red chair, which saw me through surgery recovery and many books and movies, but which was not big enough to accommodate the growing Guppy, who really, really, really wants to sit with me. Or on me. So we met the husband at the couch store yesterday, and, in the most painless couch shopping ever, found a clearance (discontinued) reclining loveseat that all three of us loved, loaded it into the truck (which miraculously did not have the tank in it that day), got a friend to help us unload it, and now we have a COMPLETELY new living room. A really nice living room. I got up for coffee this morning and thought to myself, 'I hope the swanky people who live here don't mind me stealing their coffee...'

We also bought a new air purifier, because our forest has become one big smoking bar. It's nasty out there. The light is all orange and cloudy, and it stinks and makes my eyes run. It's due to get nothing but worse for a while - no rain in the forecast, but more thunderstorms with wind, and possibly hail.

(And anyway, it would take amazing rain to knock back these fires - drizzle just turns things from 'ashtray' to 'wet ashtray that sticks to you.')

It doesn't matter which way the wind is coming from, either, because the entire state looks like it has fire measles.

In Guppy stories, we found a Frozen balloon at the store and I snapped a shot:

I had to drag her away. Balloon-Elsa even got a hug (but that photo wasn't very good).

Later, Papa brought her home her very own Frozen balloon. (But not the big one.) She was THRILLED.

On Sunday, we met an old college friend at the Dinosaur exhibit! It was a little cheesy (especially for the price), but we had the place largely to ourselves, because of the Midnight Sun Fest downtown. Guppy enjoyed it, and it was nice catching up with our friend.

All for now!
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