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Mostly business and love life rambles

I am soooo bored at work today. I have the attention span of a gnat, mefears.

If I were home, I could be working on the catalog. Of course, I wouldn't be earning a paycheck, but the actual payback might be more.

Jake told me to take next Monday off; he's doing something big for Valentine's this year, I think, even though I told him he didn't have to. We joked about going to Reno and eating at the Romanza, but I told him that my overtime paychecks were for boring things like water pumps and sinks and refrigerators, not weekend trips to the lower 48. He reluctantly agreed. My flowers are still gorgeous, and I get one of those stupid sappy grins every time I look over at them. Have I mentioned that he is wonderful?

List of things to do: (boring, so I'll cut it and spare you the space on your friends lists, but there is a plea for help further down, if you care....)

Catalog. Come on, Ellen, put down that sappy fanfic stuff and get your act in gear. If Jennie is good and goes to the post office (which she WILL, right?) I won't have to do any more layout changes, just have to finish the last couple pages.

Pay Elfwood. Bad Ellen, not to have done so yet. Installments aren't good enough, silly, and you have at least 1 hundred $ (YAY!) to send them, which will help Thomas out enormously. (Oh, and I'm starting to sell out of some colors and sizes, and I'm not planning to get more, so that's the warning; spread it around!)

Email that webpage help info. Time to delegate; I can't maintain everything myself, not with the hours I'm working, and tough as it is, it's time to get some reliable help. In case you aren't on my mailing list, and you are wading through this dry stuff, I am looking for all kinds of HELP: writing, programming, management, webpage design, critique, and some other stuff, and I PAY in goods and services. Send or post your email and I'll make sure you get my comprehensive how-this-works email that I need to finish composing.

RWH stuff. I'm waiting on Calendar pics still, but have no excuse for dragging my feet on the tarot cards. Bad Ellen. Also, start getting those magnets and mousepads and prints finished up so that I can send them quickly once the other things get finished.

CLEAN MY DESK. Egads, it's a disaster, and it needs to not be. I don't have enough space to be a disaster.

Finally, finally, finally get my new drivers license, with my married name, and take care of the rest of that got-married crap. What a headache. Which involves cleaning my desk because the marriage license is buried there somewhere in the 'Important' stack, which is about three feet high and beginning to topple.

FINISH MY CATALOG. (What's nice, is that I think I more than tripled sales even without the catalog getting out, and I expect another surge when I finally do finish it.... hang on you EMG people; when I've got a house to live in and don't have to worry about rent and eviction if things are slow anymore, and I have an office that I can turn around in, I intend to give the business the time and effort and energy it deserves, and I completely - admittedly vainly - think it's going to be a wild, wild ride and Hallmark should shake in its shoes. *cracks knuckles and cackles*)

I feel... invincible. And I can't believe that's not a mood option.

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