Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Thursdaily with swim class and new artwork

I finished a portrait for Portrait Adoption, made a few quick adjustments, and it has been adopted (though a few details still need ironed out because the client found an awesome and exciting new bug). Here's a look. His name is Harlan, and I don't know WHY I keep deciding to do complicated architecture in my pieces lately.

Swim class was this morning, and it went better than last time. I stayed the whole class in the hot tub. (Okay, sometimes I sat NEXT to the hot tub, because 45 minutes is too long to spend in water that hot.) Guppy wandered away from class twice to come talk to me and beg me to come swimming or for hugs, but then went BACK to class under her own power and went swimming again. While it was not a smashing success, it was decidedly a success. She is still talking to her imaginary cat and her imaginary dog, but I expect a sleep-of-the-dead nap at any moment now.

There were cherries on sale. I had to get them. Even though $3.99 a lb would not be considered a sale anywhere else in the world... it's half off here!

I picked up my coloring book reprints and the proof of the new one today. Those guys are great. Their office looks dumpy, but their quality is through the roof, and they're so friendly and fast.

In social media news, I've caved and gotten a Pinterest account. I DETEST the way they wouldn't let you browse the site without an account, and finally caved, hating myself as I did. I don't know what I will do with it now. I suspect there are advertising opportunities there, as lots and lots of my google searches lead over there. I also got a tumblr account, and I have even less idea what to do here. I'm ellenmillion at both places, of course. For now, I'm feeding Instagram over to tumblr.

Art now.
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