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May 2015 Roundup

Have you missed some of my creative updates over the last month? I'm doing monthly roundups to try to keep some sense in the chaos!

Summary: May was Sea Monster Month at Torn World! I had moments of feeling a bit down because I wasn't able to get a sea monster update done every (week)day at the site, but I did manage some rather large and complex pieces, and I successfully funded a Sea Monster mini-coloring book, and then some.


I released 8 pieces of artwork at Torn World, here are a few:

I did 7 (sea monster) sketches for Muse Fusion (these, plus the last four above).

I did 3 sketches for Sketch Fest (only one of them a sea monster!)

Nothing for Portrait Adoption! (But 2 pieces did get adopted, horrah!)

Released King of Swords, a card for the collaborative 78 Tarot Nautical project which is up at Kickstarter now! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/kayti/78-tarot-nautical

I also finished a major illustration that I won't be able to show you until mid-June. :)


I shared the writeup on the symbolism of the King of Swords. http://ellenmillion.livejournal.com/1520565.html


I updated my Etsy shop extensively: https://www.etsy.com/shop/ellenmillion

I revealed the 78 Tarot Nautical coloring book - and took it from nagging artists for submissions to ready to order a proof, maybe today, in just about 2 weeks!

I tried Facebook advertising, twice in the month. What a racket! I won't bother with that again. I got far better results from word of mouth, friends sharing, and other sources.

I purchased ad space in FAE magazine for their summer issue, and designed an ad. I'm excited to see how it goes!!

I designed a new just-me advertising postcard and had it sent to Kayti to include in 78 Tarot packages.

I've been adding more all-pages previews for all my coloring books, and updating Amazon (etc) with better keywords and more graphics.

Guppy has officially warmed up to swimming, and is enrolled in actual swimming classes where I don't even have to be in the water with her. (Though I may get her started and then go sit in the hot tub...)

She was also enrolled in the preschool of our choice for the fall!

And, I've arranged for some morning babysitting so I can get work done more reliably!

I went two rounds in the dentists' chair getting cavities taken care of and fitted for a nightguard.

I got contacts.

I tie-dyed a bunch of socks and underwear: http://hotlink.ellenmilliongraphics.com/ellen/baby/IMG_1721-underwear.JPG

We went from banks of snow to - BAM! - summer. Except that there are now frost warnings, because it's Alaska. My lilacs seems to be doing well, and my delphiniums and violets. All of my strawberries died. :(

I baked a sea monster pie for our birthdays: http://hotlink.ellenmilliongraphics.com/ellen/seamonsterapplepie.jpg

And, here's my favorite Guppy photo:

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