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Secret Project Reveal: Tarot of the Water, A Companion Coloring Book for 78 Tarot Nautical

You may or may not remember me wailing and beating my chest about a particularly difficult art piece several weeks back. The piece in question was the Kind of Swords:

Last year, I had the honor of joining in a group collaboration to produce a deck with 78 Tarot, and this year, I was invited back to do the King of Swords for their nautical-themed deck. This is my write-up for my card:

All of the kings in the tarot deck represent strong, adult, male figures, and the King of Swords is no exception. This fatherly monarch is usually depicted on a throne, with an upraised sword, with symbols that represent his will and judgement. Traditionally, his throne is carved with butterflies and angels. These butterflies are monarchs specifically, and act as both a symbol of metamorphosis, and a play on the word 'monarch,' while the angels appear near his ear to whisper words of wisdom to him. The butterflies are real here, to strength the air aspect of the card (a challenge in a nautical deck!), and his throne is a sea rock adorned with subtle barnacles. The wings of his crown are a nod to the angels shown some decks.

Behind him are crashing waves, chaotic and untamed. Before him, the sea is smooth and uniform, controlled by his will. Likewise, the clouds (more of the suit of sword's air element) are split by the two-edged blade of his sword, revealing serene sky behind. He brings order and direction from a place of balance and serenity. The flying fish in the foreground represent the ability to rise above emotional turmoil and make sound decisions, and the book and blue vestments remind us that the King of Swords is an intellect. The owl pin shows us a glimmer of his wisdom, and the rubies in his sword, crown, and pin are signs of self-confidence and strength.

The Kind of Swords is about order, discipline, and making decisions, and urges transformations using willpower and logic. His sword is two-edged, and while he may be kind and generous with his truth, he may also be over-forceful or judgmental, demanding order and a rigid interpretations of rules.

The deck is in crowdfunding at Kickstarter now, and got past 75% in a week: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/kayti/78-tarot-nautical

But that's not all... Ellen Million Graphics is producing a companion coloring book!

This is a gorgeous coloring book; I am so pleased with the way it has come together. I should be able to order a proof next week, and it will be sent out with the Kickstarter rewards. It will be generally available in the future, but right now, the only way to get one is through the 78 Tarot Nautical Kickstarter itself: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/kayti/78-tarot-nautical - and they are limited to 100 through the campaign!

It's 20 pages, and there are print and PDF options as add-ons.

The Kickstarter will (probably) be the only opportunity to get the PDF version!
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