Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

I am working feverishly on a project I can't share with you yet. Two Sea monster coloring book pages and an illustration also to do (before the end of this galloping month!!). This week, I've got some neighborhood girls coming over to do test runs watching Guppy while I try to get actual work done. I have really high hopes about getting some hours of dedicated time for things at least a few days a week this summer; right now, I can get things done, but it's hopelessly piecemeal. I get some naptime to work, but the rest of what I get done I must be able to Drop Instantly, or do badly distracted. This is highly non-conducive to writing, for example... and case in point, someone just woke up from her nap unexpectedly, so I don't get to blog right now after all!

Have a photo, I'm off to mom.

(Guess what we'll be watching tonight!)
Tags: guppy, photos

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