Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Tuesdaily with garden report

Remember how we still had banks of snow a few weeks ago?

BAM, summer.

The violets are out and blooming and trying once again to take over the garden plot. I pull them out with abandon, because they are hardy, and the voles apparently don't like them. My delphiniums are also up, and I've spotted aphids already. I bought ladybugs on Friday to combat them early, but came home to discover that they were all quite dead. I traded them in for more lively insects on Monday. (They suspect the fridge by the register got turned up too cold and the poor girls got frozen...)

One lone strawberry plant (out of a dozen) seems to have survived the voles over the winter. There are several sprouts that may be violas (very exciting!) and a handful that look shockingly like cilantro, which shouldn't reseed here one year, let alone two in a row!

I was concerned that all of my baby trees had gotten munched by moose, but two of them are putting out excellent buds - one of the maples and one of the apples. The other two look sadly like dead sticks, but it's early days yet.

REALLY early days. Our rule of thumb has always been that you don't plant anything outside until after Memorial Day. This year, it's been in the 70s every afternoon, all sunny and gorgeous and all the trees are green and covered in leaves. Everything is unfurling as fast as it can.

Guppy and I went to Alaskaland today with laylalawlor, and it was GORGEOUS. Most of the shops aren't open yet (because it's ridiculously early in the season), but Souvlaki was, so we had a delicious lunch (Guppy devoured a hot dog), and then sketched for a while as Guppy ran around at the train station and decapitated dandelions.

A trip to the hardware store, then gas, groceries, bagels, and a tank of water before we came home. Guppy ate Even More, and went down for a late nap.

I've got World Domination tasks, and Sketch Fest payments to get off, now. Plus another sea monster to scan!

I'll leave you with a photograph of my underwear. (Not on me, of course! This is what I tie-dyed this weekend!)

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