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Where's the beef?

I'm more than a little disappointed in the lack of sales this month. October has traditionally been a high-sales month, and I've done a bunch of updates, introduced some fantastic new artists, done a touch of advertising, offered several sales, and ... well, not so much in the way of results. *frown*

No marked decrease in hits, lots of 'your site is so cool, I wish I had money!' comments, some people added themselves to the updates lists, but actual sales seem to have stalled out. I've checked the shopping cart, it's a little slow *shakes fist at CCNow*, but not what I would consider detrimentally so, and it appears to function correctly. Certainly my site has sped up significantly since switching servers and categories. I even seem to have a 'name' now, and unexpectedly trip across people mentioning my site and recommending me (though usually it's in a 'I've heard of' rather than an 'I've tried' sort of way...).

No one has ordered the halloween special, no one has taken advantage of the free shipping to extra addresses. No one has bought /any/ of the new work I've posted this month. 85% of my orders since August have been print service orders. Maybe more.

I feel so apologetic towards my artists, and keep wondering what I'm doing wrong. Does the economy really stink that badly? Have I screwed something up? Is the site difficult to browse or too slow to load? Is the presentation unattractive in some way? Were the two whopping days of downtime in August /that/ damaging? Have I neglected to offer the proper burnt sacrifices?


I realize you probably can't answer any of those questions (that's /my/ job, after all, and believe me, I'm working on it), but any ideas on improvement in general would be most welcome.

I do have high hopes for the Nov 2 bazaar I'll be doing. My display methods improve by great leaps every year, and I've always done well selling in person. We'll see if these folks have money this year. I think the ornaments will move well and catch eyes. I'll have to post pictures later.

Note: I considered posting this friends-only, but really, I don't find this confidential-worthy. Keeping secrets is too 'Enron' for me.

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