Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Mondaily with lots and lots of things: Guppy, house, art, sea monsters, swimming, contacts...

I have so much to cover! I am positive I'm going to forget big chunks, and bore everyone to death with the rest.

The bullets point version:

*WE DON'T HAVE RADON. We got our test back and are an order of magnitude below the minimum action level. This is a huge relief. (Backstory: we failed the test twice and have gone to considerable expense and effort to mitigate.)

*We went swimming on Friday and Guppy loved it. She clung for only a few moments before kicking off on her own. It was my idea to leave, again!

*Sketch Fest was this weekend, and went swimmingly. I got 3 pieces done, and had laylalawlor over for lunch and sketching.

*I'm trying contacts again. They have single-day contacts now, which offends my desire to reuse and reduce trash, but fits my actual use patterns perfectly. I pretty much only wear them for swimming right now, but for that alone, they are worth every penny.

*Cavity filling was awful, but past now. Mouth is mostly healed from the ordeal. Had to order a nightguard because of clenching. Am much, much poorer now.

*I've got FIVE of the coloring books thumbnailed now. You can see them at the coloring book order page. http://ellenmilliongraphics.com/coloringbooks.php

*Sponsorships are trickling in for the Sea Monster Mini-coloring Book and we're down to $86.90 to get to professional printing. (And just $36.90 to get to the bookmark bonus!) I also made a better graphic to show how awesome some of the finished pages are:

I really feel good about the new pieces I'm doing for this - they are a challenge and turning out nicely. You know you need one. http://ellenmillion.livejournal.com/1515101.html

*I did tie dye this weekend with my friend M. and things turned out WONDERFULLY. New underpants and socks, horrah! I will provide photos. Eventually.

*Have to get Guppy up for eye appointment now. (Bring her in with you, they said. HAHAHAHA. Okay, then.)

A photo from the weekend. Penguin sleeper, peace boots, blue tutu, and a purple cape. It's SUPERGUPPY!

Tags: artwork, guppy, house building, photos, sea monster month

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