Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Thursdaily with Alaska Surcharge

I like shopping for supplies, usually. It's spending business-earmarked money, not personal money, so my inner miser isn't as bothered by the expense, and I love finding ways to make my life easier and the business more efficient. And while I don't like 'stuff,' I adore useful things, and crisp, new office supplies are one of those things that makes me salivate.

But yesterday's experience was more of an exercise in biting back rage than anything else.

The first frustration was trying to order something through Amazon. Oh, NO, they told me. We can't possibly ship pieces of cardboard to Alaska. How unreasonable of me to ask! Nevermind that I have other pieces of cardboard in my shopping cart that pose no problem at all. So, I'll go look for them elsewhere.

Exhibit A.

Okay, I am the first to accept that there may be some additional expenses shipping things to Alaska. But this order would have fit neatly in a flat rate priority box for less than $12. And that's without a commercial account.

So, let's test their 'free shipping' offer.

Exhibit B.

*wipes tears of laughter away*

Bear in mind, this is a chain store with a local branch. I plan to go visit and see if I can find the items I'm interested in without paying $1206.40 in surcharge. I've also found a company that will honor free shipping to Alaska if I meet a large minimum, so once I confirm that I like the product, I'll probably be using them. I've ordered envelopes from them before, and they've been great to deal with.

I've made an Instagram account - I'm ellenmillion!

And that's the good news for the day. I'm getting cavities dealt with today, which is NEVER fun, and am looking forward to an afternoon of feeling like a stroke victim.
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