Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Yay progress...

Okay! Got Sarah's coloring book up. :)

Got some contracts updated, got more backlogged emails written, got most of an article on 'What Sells' finished (delusiongirl made me do it...). Am updating which signature pages I've gotten in. I may try another binding run tonight. While Becca's gone and I can do it in the garage instead of outside blowing on my fingers to keep them flexible. Second load of laundry spinning now.

Also printed and pressed a black t-shirt, and I'm relatively pleased with the results. The whites aren't as bright as I'd like, but the colors are otherwise excellent, print quality first rate, and the transfer about the same stiffness as the white-t transfers. V. nice. Sylver, we ought to do some Wish3 T-shirts! Yup, yup!

Must buy catfood tomorrow. Velcro's not fond of the tooth-cleaning kibbles we're down to now.

I had more to write, but it's escaped my brain... I need earplugs to hold all the air in.

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